Tuesday, 6/15/10

NYT 2:02 ... LAT 1:39 ... CS 2:53 ... ND 1:18 ... BT 2:52 ... TO 2:57

My (paid) constructing debut, in Simon & Schuster's Mega #8, comes out today! No, there aren't any more in any pipelines (yet).

And I understand that my most loyal reader (besides Mom) had a debut this week as well... Congratulations, Joon and Caroline!


Doug P said...

Congratulations, Dan! I remember solving this one a loooong time ago. It's a great puzzle and much better than my debut. :)

And I see Puzzle 9 is by Howard Barkin! Another debut, if I'm not mistaken. That's awesome, Howard! I can't wait to get my copy of the book.

Dan said...

Ooh, thanks Doug - congrats Howard! Bet I can solve yours faster than you can solve mine! ;)

Howard B said...

Congrats to Joon! :)
And congrats to you, Dan!
Looking forward to picking up a copy and trying your offering out! Considering your contribution to the original Lollapuzzoola, I'm sure it's fun!

Oh heck, thanks Doug. That was very unexpected, since it was a bit of a test run of a puzzle from a discard pile that I revised and submitted about 1 1/2 years ago. I think a lot of the cluing may be edited, since my initial attempts were easy, straightforward, but dry. So if you see any clues in there for 'normal' words that seem odd, obscure, or interesting, they are not mine. The more boring ones, however, are. Hopefully have learned since then.

I was going for an easy, rather squishy puzzle and mini-theme, nothing very intricate or intense ;). So Dan, if you were to start right now, you would likely finish it.... now. Oh well, gotta start somewhere.

Jeffrey said...

Hey guys. I got the book last week - why it arrived in Canadian bookstores early I know not.

Already 60+ puzzles through as my goal is to actually finish one of these books before the next one arrives. I did Howard's yummy puzzle (untimed, sorry) but hadn't noticed Dan's yet (#174).

8:04 on the 19x19 with a clever theme. However, no idea what 34A means. Dan?

Dan said...

Howard: You can see your puzzle via amazon.com "Look Inside", that's what I did! Mine had about a dozen clues changed, half just cosmetically. If you didn't know, you'll get a copy of the book in the mail at some point.

Crosscan: You're keeping up with the Megas? Even I can't do that - I'm just about done with #6. As for 34A: [... in an orchestra]

For the record: Doug fixed a corner of my grid way back when I made it. I'll pay you the $4 you're due at LP3. ;)

Jeffrey said...

My goal is to keep up; I haven't finished the earlier ones. The quality seems to have improved overall.

Joon said...

thanks everyone. i think i have a couple of puzzles in mega 8, too. i should go pick up a copy. either that or solve howard's and dan's puzzles off of "look inside this book," which seems like it's not the point.

howard, i had no idea you dabbled in constructing!

there's no way to keep up, by the way. i have no idea how samson keeps up with the editing. i think i got about 20 puzzles into 6. nowadays, i find myself occasionally having other things to do. what's with that?

Jeffrey said...

Numbers 7 and 69 are yours, joon.
2 hour ferry ride tomorrow. Let's see how many I can get through.

Howard B said...

That's just awesome, Joon. Can't imagine how you had the time in the first place :). Wishing you and family all the best.
(I do just dabble. Looks like that one puzzle was edited a bit, which tells me when I do try again, to really work harder on cluing; the best way to have a better shot of seeing more of your clues). Looking forward to everyone's contributions in that issue.

Crosscan: Have fun on the ferry, and don't miss your stop.