Sunday, 6/6/10

NYT 5:11 ... LAT 4:25 ... MR 4:07 ... BG 3:56 ... ND 3:11 ... CS 2:14 ... WP (p) 5:something ... Acrostic 9:50

I did the Post Puzzler a few weeks ago on an advance copy. The printout didn't have the author's name, and I wouldn't have guessed it was KMT's!

Had a blast with some Bay Area crossword folks who came over for brunch yesterday. Photo!


Joon said...

really? TZIPI LIVNI wasn't a tipoff? i also associate "has kittens" with KMT because i first saw it as fill in one of her weekend warriors.

7:45 on the acrostic. RASHER, GENTIAN were new to me.

3:11 on a 21x is crazy crazy.

nice photo!

Dan said...

It was because TZIPI was the only scrabbly answer! And I can't remember a KMT grid with those conventional corner stacks.

Love that you keep smoking me on acrostics. RASHER I learned from puzzles, but didn't trust it today for some reason.

Joon said...

yeah, it was the only scrabbly name, but nobody else would have TZIPI LIVNI in there at all. and there were 4x9s in the other corners.

as for acrostics... it could just be letter pattern recognition from doing lots of cryptograms and kaidoku. but i think the bigger issue is that it's more important to get lots of answers on the first pass, with no crossing letters. i seem to be good at that.