Friday, 2/26/10

NYT 5:37 ... LAT 1:51 ... CS 1:47 ... ND 2:03 ... CHE 3:05 ... BEQ 2:32 ... WSJ 5:14 ... MGWC 3:14

Got quite stuck in the NW of the NYT puzzle. Had to remove MET from 6-Down and stop thinking of authors for 1-Across...

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Joon said...

it's crazy how you have to apologize for taking five and a half minutes to solve a friday. but ... if you hadn't said anything, i would have been all, "what's wrong with dan?"

nice interview with BEQ. he told me he kept trying to set you up to talk some trash but you steadfastly refused the bait. we'll have to invent some outlandish "who's coming in second?" stories for future generations, kind of like how your puzzles per day average varies from 25 to 30 to 40 from different reports. by next year, it'll be up to 100.