Friday, 2/19/10

NYT (p) 5:42 ... LAT (p) 3:19 ... CS (p) 3:21 ... ND (p) 2:50 ... CHE (p) 3:31 ... WSJ (p) 6:13 ... MGWC 3:51

ACPT Predictions! I do not think I will win. Low expectations all the way! Most likely to make the finals, other than myself: Howard, Tyler, Francis. And of course, Joon wins the B Division. I'll be heading to Brooklyn Friday afternoon... not likely to post much here (other than times) until Monday. Can't wait to see you all!


Joon said...

dan, trip, tyler. i dunno about me. i'll predict 20th place, but who knows about the B final?

alex said...

Is this the official prediction thread? Let me go out there then - Anne, Dan, Howard.

Good luck all!

Ellen said...

As this year's "ringer rookie," Joon's got a lock on being in SOME final.

Ooh, I beat Dan on paper on Friday's puzzle (5:26), which sort of makes up for my slow 6:28 on yesterday's puzzle which everyone else seemed to think was ridiculously easy (and the stats backed up the "easy").

My ACPT times last year without errors would have landed me in 6th, so I need to adjust to hoping for the top 10 rather than hoping for the finals. The whippersnappers have gotten way too fast.

Joon said...

thanks, ellen. not too many people are a lock for anything, right? i guess trip is a lock to win the south region, and maybe howard for NJ, unless i'm forgetting somebody. is tyler still a junior?