Monday, 1/25/10

NYT (p) 2:14 ... LAT (p) 1:59 ... CS (p) 2:14 ... ND (p) 1:45 ... JON (p) 3:02 ... BEQ (p) 5:11

Good news: I caught up with a lot of the weekend's puzzles, and posted decent times even though I'm tired and as rusty as I've ever been. (OK, not so rusty anymore after personal bests on Sun/Mon Newsday.) Bad news: couldn't finish the Saturday Stumper! I gave up after spending 5 minutes trying for a toehold in the NE.


Joon said...

:( it was a hard stumper, i thought, but not unfinishable. PCTS/TOILETTE/HIT ME was my first toehold in the grid at all, and then the ED at the end of STREAMED gave me ESTEE and DEEDS. of course, then i had to give up and move on to another corner of the grid. but when i came back, STREAMED eventually hit me and it came together from there.

Alex said...

Yeah, I was going to say ... 1:45 on paper seems awfully good.