Friday, 1/8/10

NYT 5:15 ... LAT 2:36 ... CS 1:57 ... ND 2:45 ... CHE 2:28 ... BEQ 5:12 ... WSJ 4:53 ... DB 4:44 ... MGWC 5:47

For the first time since I quit the applet in favor of Across Lite, I had an error -- I resisted using the Check button so that my time would be legit, because why is anyone visiting here except to compare times, right? I was sure something was wrong with PIERRE The Unknown Poet, but it turned out instead that LUBINA is not a car. Two bad guesses that stayed in too long: ARRIBA for Speedy Gonzales and SEXY for [Daring...].

afternoon update: In addition to that weird blooper in the CHE puzzle, the NE corner of the (otherwise great) Newsday puzzle is screwed up - Stan seems to have changed the corner, but not the clues!


Joon said...

pierre de ronsard was the least of my problems on this one. believe it or not, i also (very briefly) had LUBINA, but ... that's not a car, so i changed it. ARRIBA, too. knowing RONSARD helped spare me from SEXY, but the whole SE was insanely tough for such a tiny corner filled with only normal words.

Anne E said...

Checking times, sure (depressing, but one must face reality), but I also like your occasional comments.

Anne, still waiting eagerly for your comments on why solving the S&S series made you a better solver, or, have I missed that?

Dan said...

Joon, I like how you also posted a time because the readership demands it! Anne, you didn't miss anything... I want to write more, but I don't.

Doug P said...

I think I need to stop solving on the applet. On Mon-Thu puzzles, I often finish corners without reading all (or sometimes any) of the clues, and I'd never do that in a real competition. I know I'm not getting any faster. I'm just getting better at working the applet.

I'm not a car guy, but LUMINA was one of the first things I filled in. Needed every crossing for the poet.

Joon said...

whoa, never noticed the newsday thing because i solved it on paper. the clues work perfectly and i had no idea that the "correct" answers were different. i'm not sure i like the new corner better. LOY and EEE, ugh... but APPLE is a whole lot better than UNPIN.