Tuesday, 11/3/09

NYT 2:23 ... LAT 1:36 ... CS 1:43 ... ND 1:41 ... BT 3:35 ... TO 3:50

To my surprise, I solved all of Matt Gaffney's "Hell Month" metapuzzles! (Pending Joon's reveal today... but I'm pretty sure I got it.) Usually I fail to grok the hard metas, so either I'm getting better at Puzzle Hunt-style thinking, or the guaranteed prize was enough to keep me from giving up too soon this time.


Joon said...

you got it.

Howard B said...

I'm still kicking myself a little bit for missing the SIX BARS puzzle. I was so close, and yet so far away.
Still loved the metas, though. Every so often one just sneaks past your solving radar, you know?

Doug P said...

Same here on SIX BARS, Howard. I found all the red herrings in that one and invented a few of my own.

Congrats, Dan!