Saturday, 11/7/09

NYT (p) 14:46 ... LAT (p) 3:12 ... CS (p) 5:22 ... ND (p) 6:19

Thought it would be a good idea to solve on paper, since I heard we were in for a Wrath of Klahn. Not so much! I had lots of guessing and erasing in the SW corner, which took up half my time: several tries at [Sink]; SIMILE for CLICHE; WRECK for CRATE; AMARETTO for TIA MARIA (which doesn't make sense); EDNA for EDIE; RIOT for ROAR... Managed to retrieve ODALISQUE, but should have gotten the relatively straightforward ROMANTIC and SCORCHER much sooner; EL DORADO finally broke the logjam. This would have been a perfect puzzle to practice on a big dry-erase board! Maybe I can borrow Thomas Snyder's.

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Howard B said...

Was away and puzzle-free this weekend, just came back in time to solve the wrath of Klahn tonight.

I ran into most of the same traps as you (avoiding the WRECK but running into several others), but did not know ODALISQUE and had a hell of a time with a slew of other clues. The puzzle gave in eventually, but that was a worthy Saturday, wasn't it?