Friday, 12/13/13

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Big few weeks coming up. On Monday I'm headed to Argentina for a two-week vacation. Scheduled posts will continue, but I probably won't be solving many (if any) of the puzzles. Please update spreadsheet headings as necessary!

In early January I'll be moving to San Francisco, where Gretchen got a great job! Now I won't be too tired to solve when the puzzles come out at night. But I'm not sure I'm going to continue posting daily spreadsheets next year, for several reasons:
--It's not fully automated, so there's a small time investment;
--Only a few of you are still participating;
--There's enough data now for somebody to run statistical analyses - I would love to find out the statistical difference between paper and Across Lite solving, for instance;
--I don't need the (self-imposed) pressure to keep up with all the puzzles.

Any thoughts?


Bruce S. said...

Have a great vacation and good luck with your move! Exciting stuff ahead for you. Thanks for keep this running as long as you have. While I may be the slowest poster on your site, it is always fun to see how quickly you, David, and joon cruise through the puzzles.

Unknown said...

You've probably solved more puzzles than anyone else alive, so if anyone deserves a break from crosswords, it's you. Have an excellent time in Argentina, and good luck with the move. It's been fun competing with you on a daily basis. If time permits, I will set up some google docs next year so that Bruce, Joon, and any other interested parties can continue sharing their times

oeuftete said...

Thanks for keeping this running so far, Dan... have a great trip and move.

BTW, what are the obstacles to making the daily post completely automatic?

Joon said...

nothing really to add here. have a great time, condolences on your move, good luck in san francisco, and if you don't keep doing this, then we'll all muddle through somehow.

see you at acpt!

Dan said...

Thanks guys! If you're all still into it, I could be inspired to keep it up over here. I'm sure I'll be rejuvenated after the vacation.

Ken - the obstacle to true auto-posting is that I haven't the first clue how! It's not a big chore, taking less maybe a minute per post, and I set them up while watching Stewart/Colbert.

David - nah, I would bet a large sum that Jon and Ellen (to take the two closest in proximity) have solved more puzzles in their lifetimes...