Thursday, 1/24/13

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Dan said...

Holy moly, Unthemely! It took forever, but I finished correctly. When did you give up, David (and others)?

Only the left-side stack fell easily. I wanted 15A early on but had a couple wrong crossings and never wrote it in until much later. The east side took at least half my time -- don't know why I couldn't see 13D even with many correct letters.

Great news, btw: Todd is joining the Post Puzzler rotation!

David said...

At around 28 minutes I started googling. I had big blanks in the north and the east, mainly because I had never heard of 1A, 12D,20A, and 43A. I also had HERA for 8D (note the two matching letters with the correct answer). That increased my confidence in the dubious SERVICEROOM for 17A (note the 5 matching letters with the correct answer). I was never going to dig myself out of that hole.