Monday, 11/19/12

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Anonymous said...

I'm trying to stay current on the daily crosswords. I got behind a few months ago and have been playing catch up since.

Along the way I ended up missing downloading a number of puzzles before they disappeared online. Specifically, the CrosSynergy puzzles from 9/04/2012 through 9/19/2012, and the Newsday puzzle from 9/11/2012. Does anyone have copies of these puzzles that they would be willing to email me? Any help would be most appreciated! My email address is carvaleri-at-earthlink-dot-net.

Thanks in advance!

Qatsi (Eric)

Qatsi said...

Thanks to Doug Peterson and Dan Feyer for coming to my rescue. I've got CrosSynergy and Newsday puzzle files (among others) going back to 1997, and it would have been really irritating to have a gap in my solving because I forgot to download the files in a timely manner.