Saturday, 8/4/12

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Lollapuzzoola 5 is today! Once again, I'm helping out as a judge. With two-time champion Jeffrey Harris also joining the judges' ranks, it's a wide-open field. [EDIT: Scuttlebutt from the night before indicates that the favorites are Joon Pahk, Francis Heaney, Jon Delfin, Al Sanders, and possibly young Erik Agard...]

I've scheduled a LP5 spreadsheet post to go up when the tournament is over. Share your times and comments there!


Neville said...

I was thrown off by the original LAT .puz file which had 4 unchecked squares. (There shouldn't've been any.) I was looking for a non-existent Saturday trick!!!

David said...

I also did the original lat file, and made an error at 31A that I probably wouldn't have made with the revised clue.

no excuse for the NYT though; I just shut down in the NW corner. It's great to finally be caught up, though.

Joon said...

i, too, shut down in the NW corner of the NYT. and the SE corner of the stumper. but these times don't really represent my best abilities, as i tried to solve these puzzles on the bus while suffering through more than mild motion sickness.