Sunday, 6/24/12

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Joon said...

strange puzzle for me today. i got totally, totally stuck in the middle on insane clues 32a, 33d, 43a, 51a and had never heard of a THROWAWAY society. having LTD instead of YTD at 91a meant i was basically lost. i actually convinced myself there was a rebus in the dead center square, so i did not think of W for SAVE_ATER. seriously, i spent a minute thinking about SAVE(ITFORL)ATER. when i finally changed the stupid L to Y in square 91, the whole thing basically fell like a house of cards and i felt dumb.

oh, and to cap it off, i had an error at square 11. i never did figure out why TIC was a {Signature piece?}. then again, it's a pretty huge stretch for BIC, too.

can we just pretend this never happened?

Tuning Spork said...

No. I beat you by 19 seconds and I ain't forgettin' it. Yee haw!