Wednesday, 3/28/12

Add your times here.

In case you missed it, the CHE has finally posted puzzles from the last couple of weeks.


Jared said...

Yes, I'm that bad. But at least there's nowhere to go but up!

Tuning Spork said...


Lots of us are that "bad".

But, as a point of order, the way to enter a long-ish time is to type: ="TI:ME".

'frinstance, if I solved the thing in 49:12, I would type: ="49:12" and then press ENTER.

We do it this way for two reasons:

1) It's easier than presuming to re-code an entire applicartion, and
2) Who'd really give a rats ass if we did it differantly?

Joon said...

my posted onion time is just to fill in the grid. took another maybe 15 seconds to grok the theme, and then maybe 3-5 minutes of staring at the puzzle in wonder and admiration.