Friday, 9/16/11

NYT 5:45 ... LAT 2:06 ... CS 1:51 ... ND 1:49 ... CHE 1:52 ... WSJ 4:43 ... MGWC 2:33

Lots of searching for wrong letters in the NYT, because I forgot 33A's name (and 23D fooled me). Also did Tyler's 2010 BACPT contribution, "Pending Removal": 5:24. (eta: And last week's CHE.)


Joon said...

feeling better after getting the beatdown from joe dp--personal bests on the newsday and last week's CHE, plus really fast times on CS, LAT (a best if you don't count the immediate post-tribune dumbing-down period) and WSJ.

where'd you get tyler's puzzle? the link was dead when i went to check it out.

Dan said...

He accidentally left some personal info (for NYT submission) in the Notepad, and couldn't immediately re-do the .puz, so he pulled the file. Hopefully it'll be back up soon!