Sunday, 8/21/11

NYT 4:04 ... LAT 3:59 ... MR 4:02 ... BG 4:51 ... ND 2:43 ... CS 1:50 ... WP 4:17 ... TM 3:28


Joon said...

yikes, TM 8:02. the bottom was really hard for me—three long crossing unknowns. on the other hand, i did the puzzler in 5 on paper, which seems comparable to your time.

is 2:43 your record for a 21x?

Dan said...

Oh, I guess it is - didn't realize that. The NYT may be a record for that paper too.

I didn't know the (presumable) seed entry in TM's Unthemely, but I've met the guy who does the voice of the bottom entry...

Anonymous said...

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