Crosswords LA Puzzles

Finally got around to solving the LA tournament puzzles, which were lots of fun. Here are my times, on paper:

California Girls (warmup) - 3:50
Middle School (#1) - 2:25
Sizing Things Up (#3) - 2:03
Mix and Match (#4) - 7:25 (6:15 plus 1:10 for the meta)
No End in Sight (#5) - 5:53
Themeless (Final) - 5:25

I also solved "Eating Round-the-Clock", a 29x29 crossword by Frank Longo that was created as a Friday night activity for the 2003 ACPT. I guess they haven't sold all the extras yet, because there was a pile of these massive printouts at this year's ACPT, and of course I grabbed one. (Email me if you haven't seen it but would like to.) My time was 23:45. I still have Longo's 25-Foot-Long Crossword Puzzle on my bookshelf, which I will speed-solve one day...

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