Monday, 11/8/10

NYT 1:24 ... LAT 1:38 ... CS 2:20 ... ND 1:24 ... JON 2:24 ... BEQ 3:48

Neville will post the video of me solving his LAT puzzle on his blog later tonight. I recorded all of my solving today, but I don't think I'll share the rest, because really, who cares?


Neville said...

Thanks again, Dan. 1:38... not bad.

Who am I kidding - that's bloody amazing! I barely broke 3 minutes and I wrote the darn thing myself. I'll post the video tonight after work. We'll see if my mom was able to come within five minutes of your time, too - she stands a chance, but I'm not sure!

Joon said...

i did my dannedest, but of course, on paper, i came nowhere near 1:38. i did beat the spread (5 minutes), but i think the spread was too high. :)

Anne E said...

Er... I definitely care how fast you're solving. :-)

Neville said... has the video for those interested. Dan, once I've taken the GRE and gotten my grad school apps in, I will be beginning my you-style training for the ACPT. I have my eyes on the rookie prize.