Tuesday, 10/5/10

NYT 1:35 ... LAT 1:35 ... CS 1:54 ... ND 1:21 ... BT 2:33 ... TO 1:59

OK, what is the Newsday theme? I'm not going to spend any more time staring at it...


Joon said...

oh. ha! i didn't even bother to look. uh, they all have 5 vowels that aren't A?

Howard B said...

Looks like words with {E,I,O,U} before TION.
The title is an -ATION word.
yeah. that's my reaction, too.

Either that, or perhaps every 17th letter left-to-right, converted via ROT-13, spells out "Be sure to drink your Ovaltine". Take your pick.