Sunday, 9/26/10

NYT 4:42 ... LAT 4:44 ... MR 4:16 ... BG 3:49 ... ND 3:33 ... KFS 3:42 ... CS 3:19 ... WP 2:51 ... Acrostic 10:25

Caught up on the PDF-only puzzles - WSJ Saturdays and Trip's latest (untimed). I'm heading back to New York for my day off on Monday, so I may not be posting again until Tuesday or even Wednesday.


Joon said...

acrostic 7:56--that's gotta be the biggest win for me on any puzzle.

Dan said...

I think I had five answers on the first pass - thought I was going to get really stuck for a while!

Joon said...

i thought so, too--i went 0 for the first 5 or so. but i ended up nailing a lot of the later ones, including (improbably) IRASCIBLE.