Tuesday, 8/17/10

NYT 2:17 ... LAT 1:40 ... CS 1:41 ... ND 1:31 ... BT 2:27 ... TO 2:50

Behold, the not-at-all-anticipated follow-up to "Dan Can Type Fast". I thought Rex would enjoy it, since he asked for readers' solved copies of his debut. Hoped for a smoother ride, but whaddaya gonna do. I'll try to capture a 70-second Newsday solve sometime. Or maybe I should take requests?


Doug P said...

Love the video, Dan. I was tempted to add a "fake! he already knew the answers LOL" comment.

Yeah, a Monday Newsday would be fun to watch.

Alex said...

I was very pleased to NOT see the USA Today or Universal puzzles in your folder.

Joon said...

okay, it's pretty hilarious that you typed IUD instead of IED. those letters are not adjacent. (unless you've switched to dvorak? come join the dark side!)

alex, i'm hoping other viewers are not going to be quite as eagle-eyed about the contents of dan's folder. "abUnlockPUZ" is supposed to be sub rosa, no?

Dan said...

Well, my first folder isn't publicly available either! If anyone asks me about the unlocking (noone has) I'll send 'em to the source. Assuming he's willing to share with others.

Ha, Alex! It's been months, and I'll never check those boxes again.

I chuckled when I put in IUD first. Who knows what was going on there... I also did SADS instead of SADR, and those aren't adjacent either.