Friday, 7/30/10

NYT (p) 5:45 ... LAT (p) 3:32 ... CS (p) 1:53 ... ND (p) 2:34 ... CHE (p) 3:29 ... WSJ (p) 5:49 ... MGWC 4:35

Had some time today, so I thought I'd fire up the printer and see how my pencil/paper skills have deteriorated, since I haven't speed-solved since the tournament.


Joon said...

still got it, i see.

Anne E said...

OK, it's only fair that I give back for once instead of taking all the time! Here were my yesterday's times, all paper:

NYT: 6:37. (Don't ask - it was ugly.)
LAT: 3:01.
CS: 1:57.
ND: 2:47.
WSJ: 6:08.
didn't time CHE or MGWCC