Sunday, 3/14/10

NYT 6:14 ... LAT 5:05 ... MR 5:55 ... BG 5:04 ... ND 4:22 ... CS 1:55 ... Acrostic 11:18


Howard B said...

When you post your ACPT recap, I think you should title it simply "Godot".
Just kidding. Hope all's well out there and you're drying off after the tempest.

Joon said...

hmm. i think we can continue to make godot jokes until he actually does post it. but the whole point of godot is that he never does come. so if/when dan ever does finish that post, the godot comparisons have to stop.

in the meantime:

joon: "shall we go?"
howard: "let us go."
they do not go.

Howard B said...

Was sneaking it in while we still could ;).