The seven Down answers heard in A Little Night Music:
  • 3-Down: "And there's many a TRYST and there's many a bed"
  • 7-Down: "Dear MARTA has renounced men and is teaching gymnastics at a school for unwed Lutheran mothers in Bettelheim"
  • 32-Down: "I can't remember when I have seen so SEDUCTIVE a bowtie"
  • 34-Down: "That dilapidated INN -- remember, darling?"
  • 49-Down: "What do you think? Who can IT BE?"
  • 54-Down: "A weekend in the country, with the panting and the YAWNS"
  • 57-Down: "ICE IN the basin, la, la, la"
The final letters of those entries anagram to NEATENS.
Congratulations to Celia Fogel, who was first to submit the correct solution!

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